It’s Halloween and ‘Tis the Season for…Infographics?

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Infographics are a fun, creative way to visually present information and data that is complex and/or lengthy. They appeal to today’s Internet users who demand information at their fingertips, but also tend to have a very short attention span. If executed correctly, infographics have the potential to help companies break through the clutter and get their messages front and center. They are also much more likely to be shared via social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., compared to traditional articles. Below is a roundup of a few of our favorite Halloween infographics.

This first one covers a wide range of fun topics.  It’s incredible to see how much spending for the holiday has increased over the years, and we love the section that analyzes social media costume inquiries. Take a look:


By the way, if you’re dressing your pet up, like this infographic predicts, be sure to enter our client Arbella’s photo contest!

This next one is great for the green tips it gives.  We love the idea of DIY costumes or holding a costume swap with your friends after the holiday to reduce waste. Check it out:


While the zombie profiles of these social media users are humorous, there may actually be some good underlying social usage tips in this infographic:


If you haven’t explored the possibility of using infographics to strengthen your marketing initiatives, it may be time. Have a very happy and safe Halloween!

Lucy Muscarella is a Consultant at Greenough. Follow her on Twitter:  @lucymuscarella

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