10 Reasons to Join Us

It seems every time you open a newspaper, web page or magazine there’s a “top 10” list. In that spirit I’d like to share with you 10 great reasons to become part of the Greenough team:

  1. You’ll work with other smart, highly skilled colleagues with diverse experience who enjoy sharing their knowledge.
  2. We run a meritocracy. If you do really well, your contributions will be rewarded.
  3. Our clients are really good people. You’ll enjoy working with them and helping them succeed.
  4. We know you have a life outside our office and we’re flexible in accommodating your personal commitments.
  5. You’ll work with people who like to laugh. A lot.
  6. We’re collaborative in spirit and in practice.
  7. You’ll have the opportunity to work out twice a week with a certified fitness trainer on the company’s dime.
  8. We’ll never ask you to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves.
  9. You’ll be challenged to do your best work and to grow professionally.
  10. We’ll treat you well and fairly. Always.

If that sounds like the type of environment where you would thrive and make meaningful contributions to our and our clients’ businesses, we’d love to hear from you.

 Jamie Parker, President

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Greenough Internship Program

Learn the Day-to-Day Workings of a Public Relations and Marketing Agency


At Greenough we value collaboration, mutual respect and professional development, and we enjoy helping to cultivate and coach the next generation of public relations and marketing professionals. If you have an interest in, and talent for, online research, writing, social media, analytics and helping companies tell their stories in innovative and compelling ways, spending a few months as a Greenough intern can help you decide whether public relations is the career direction you want to pursue. If so, the valuable experience and insights you gain during an internship can help you land a full-time job in this industry – maybe even at Greenough! Currently two of our account executives and one of our account supervisors started here as interns. Learn more...

Career Opportunities

We're always on the lookout for great talent in the areas of strategy, media, marketing and content. If you excel at helping companies and institutions tell their stories creatively to achieve specific business objectives, are an effective writer and verbal communicator, know how to conduct research and are skilled in social media, we want to hear your story.

Submit your resume and a creative cover letter that will show us why you'd be a great addition to the Greenough team or email us.

I chose Greenough because I didn’t want to be “just a number” at a big agency. I wanted to have daily access to and mentoring from company leaders—industry pros who have developed strategic communications programs for some of the most recognized brands in the world.
— Amy McHugh, Vice President
We work with extraordinary clients in all different industries, and each one presents unique, challenging and inspiring goals that we have the power and tools to help them achieve. It’s an incredible feeling to know you’re helping clients attain greatness, while at the same time pushing yourself to personal greatness thanks to the flexibility, support and guidance offered within the Greenough office.
— Rachel Vaccari, Account Director
I came to Greenough as a recent college grad entering the working world for the first time, with nothing more than the aspiration to grow and learn as much as possible within the industry. What I found here was a group of patient and inspiring individuals who want nothing more than to help me grow and succeed as a member of the Greenough team.
— Tyler Reinhold, Account Executive