Greenough's Andrea LePain Nominated for Emmy Award

Andrea_LePain Add Greenough’s own Andrea LePain to the list of 2010 nominees for the regional New England Emmy awards. LePain produced an investigative television documentary that exposed an alleged mortgage fraud scheme in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood. 

The case involved a group of real estate attorneys and mortgage brokers who allegedly recruited random people on the street to purchase condos in a brand-new condo complex. Banks ended up lending millions of dollars to people who were homeless or living in low-income housing and should’ve been unqualified to receive the money.  

In the end, none of the people who took out the loans moved into the condo units – and the bank was unable to collect on the mortgages. Within months - every condo was in some stage of foreclosure and the banks were stuck footing the bill.

The 30-minute documentary aired on New England Cable News, where Andrea worked as a producer for 14 years before she joined Greenough Communications in 2011. The Emmy winners will be announced May 19th at a ceremony in Quincy, Mass. We all wish Andrea the best of luck!

-Contribued with assistance from Bobby McCarthy and Andrea LePain.