From the Patriots to PR: Meet Greenough's Newest Brand Storyteller

Photo: Brian Lowe
Photo: Brian Lowe

I’m the new guy. For someone who spent 13 years at his previous employer, that’s quite an unfamiliar role. But this role, and the fresh start that comes with it, is one that I’m fully embracing as I join the fantastic team at Greenough.

I arrived at Greenough’s spiffy new office in Watertown with a background in sports media, having worked in television production (both on air and behind-the-scenes), content development and media relations with the New England Patriots, New England Revolution and the Kraft Sports Group. I was, and continue to be, passionate about that field, and I left Foxboro earlier this month with tremendously positive feelings, fantastic memories and experiences, and wonderful relationships with many great people. Turns out some of those same great people actually believe the Patriots have a chance to win the Super Bowl this season without me. I don’t buy it.

Anyway, for a variety of reasons, it was time to move on, and time to discover a new professional passion. I’ve always felt comfortable working closely with people, understanding their personalities and needs, and seeing how I can help. I’m eager to put that into practice in the public relations world.

Even though I’ve mostly been immersed in sports media until now, I can already see how certain skills will carry over to my new line of work. First, it’s all about knowing the media – big picture and small scale. It’s important to recognize the goal of each outlet or publication, and also to understand each particular reporter’s approach to finding stories. Second, it’s critical to integrate social media into almost any media-related venture. I happen to love reading the hard copy of a newspaper, but that’s becoming a smaller piece of the pie. And third, you simply need to know how to communicate in this industry. Whether it’s interviewing Tom Brady (my old job) or pitching a story to a reporter from Bloomberg (the new gig), there’s a way to get your message across effectively. I think I can do just that.

In my first week at Greenough, I quickly gained an understanding of what makes the team so successful. (I also gained an understanding of Watertown Square, which is a story for another blog entry). It took no time at all to see why Greenough’s growing client base puts its trust in the minds of my new co-workers, each of whom are knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about the work they do on behalf of their clients. Believe me, I have a lot to live up to.

I’m excited about the challenges ahead. I’ll be trading in terms like touchdowns, sacks and Super Bowls for terms like editorial calendars, media lists and briefing documents. Maybe I’ll get a chance to pen future blog entries, too.

I’m the new guy, and I’m thrilled to be in this role.

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