A Breakout Year in Earned Media for Harvest Power

Successful companies don’t need to manufacture stories, but they do need to package them. Fortunately, Harvest Power started 2012 with significant business momentum, including prestigious industry awards and a $125 million series C funding round. The key for Harvest was turning milestones and recognition into broader awareness. That’s where brand storytelling comes in. While some would say any Wall Street Journal story is a good story, Greenough’s media team looks for more. Yes, Yuliya Chernova’s article covering Harvest’s series C financing round was important, but its value to Harvest came from its depth, especially its emphasis on the positive prospects for Harvest’s business model.  Chernova’s words, “The company’s waste-to-energy approach reflects a broad movement in the U.S. to get value from waste, rather than expensively transporting it to municipal dumps,” were powerful indeed.

Harvest’s story resonated far beyond the Wall Street Journal, leading to important pieces in digital and print outlets including GigaOM, GreenTechMedia, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, and Dow Jones. This presented strong evidence to future customers and investors that Harvest is poised for sustained growth.

Beyond the funding news, Harvest continued to successfully spotlight its CEO, Paul Sellew.  Greenough’s media relations team has strategically positioned Sellew as a thought leader with insights that inform issues ranging from renewable energy to soil revitalization. This aggressive outreach led to widespread coverage in The New York Times, The Boston Business Journal, Xconomy, The Boston Herald and other media mainstream business media.

Harvest’s leadership extended into industry media as well through strategically placed contributed articles: Greenough spotlighted Wayne Davis, a Harvest co-founder, by publishing bylines in both Environmental Leader and Renewable Energy World, while Meredith Sorensen, Harvest’s marketing manager, contributed a two-part article for Renewable Energy World entitled “Integrating Anaerobic Digestion Into Our Culture.”

Recently winning the “Continued Excellence” award for being named to the Global Cleantech 100 list for the last 3 years, the momentum continues. Harvest is clearly on an earned media winning streak.  And we’re just entering the fall. 2012 is indeed a breakout year for Harvest.