Highlights from 2012’s Client Satisfaction Survey

By Zach Pearson In December, Greenough presented the results of its 12th annual Client Satisfaction Survey to the team. Over 70% of the clients responded to 2012’s survey, one of the highest participation rates yet – and everyone was very pleased with what they had to say.

Greenough’s Client Satisfaction Survey consists of 13 statements, each with a scale from 1 (“strongly disagree”) to 10 (“strongly agree”). Compared to last year’s results, Greenough’s numbers improved in 4 key metrics.

First, overall client satisfaction went up, reaching a 9.2 average. Greenough also improved its teamwork with clients, whose average response to the statement “Greenough is an extension of my own team” was a 9.6 – one of the survey’s highest scores this year. Additionally, over 50% of clients surveyed gave Greenough a perfect 10 for providing value for their budget.

However, the survey’s overall average scores are what really count – and this year, Greenough hit them out of the park. More than half of the clients gave survey responses that averaged above 9.0, and Greenough’s overall client satisfaction average was 8.93, less than a percentage point below the highest score in the survey’s history.

“2012 was a great year for both us and our clients, and our Client Satisfaction Survey proves that,” said Phil Greenough, president of Greenough Communications. “We’re driven to deliver the best at Greenough, and getting that close to our record has inspired us – we can’t wait to beat it in 2013.”