Network Health Selects Greenough as Agency of Record

Network Health, a Massachusetts health plan that provides high-quality health care coverage to more than 170,000 Massachusetts residents with low and moderate incomes, announced today that it has named Greenough as its new public relations agency of record. Greenough will work in conjunction with Network Health’s in-house marketing and communications team on various public relations initiatives to reinforce Network Health’s position as a leader in providing residents of the Commonwealth access to high-quality health care and finding innovative ways to control rising health care costs.

“We wanted to partner with a strategic and professional public relations agency that understands the unique challenges and opportunities Network Health faces as an innovative Massachusetts health plan on a quest to lower costs while improving quality,” said Deborah Gordon, Network Health chief marketing officer. “Greenough has brought together an expert team, with creative ideas, that is committed to helping us share our experiences as we work to fulfill our mission to improve the health and well-being of our members and their diverse communities.”

Network Health’s public relations program includes targeted media outreach and other activities aimed at raising awareness about Network Health, including its nationally-recognized clinical programs and its experience with and lessons learned from Massachusetts health care reform, on a local and national level.

“During a period of widespread interest in the issues surrounding health care and health care reform, Network Health stands out as an organization that has a powerful story to tell about its commitment to increasing access to high-quality, affordable health care for those who might otherwise go uninsured,” said Phil Greenough, Greenough president. “We look forward to working with Network Health and sharing its story with state and national audiences.”