At Greenough we bring energy, passion and focus to everything we do, from brand storytelling to boot camp. We're extremely professional, refreshingly informal, kind and compassionate, goal-oriented and enthusiastic. We're smart, intellectually curious and analytical. 

I cannot say enough good things about my Greenough colleagues. Not only is everyone extremely talented and hard-working, but I can honestly call them some of my best friends. The support I receive at every level, makes Greenough a place where I feel truly comfortable to be myself and grow my career.
— Christine Williamson, Vice President

We're High Achievers

Our people thrive on success and are highly motivated to help our clients achieve, and often exceed, their business goals. All of us, from Scott, Jamie and Phil to our Greenough interns, collaborate closely and effectively with each other and with our clients. In fact, most clients say they consider us an extension of their own internal teams, and we work hard to continue to earn and reinforce that trust. One of our core values is "clients first," look no further than our 2016 Client Sat survey where 100 percent of clients said they would recommend us… for the 5th year in a row!

At Greenough, ‘work/life balance’ is not a myth. You’re expected to work hard, meet deadlines and serve your clients thoroughly and efficiently, but also to have a well-rounded life outside of the office. And in the office, the environment encourages collaboration, team work and a sense of pride in seeing your efforts translate to results. There is a lot to be said for working at a company that values and recognizes the efforts of its employees.
— Account Director

We Build Strong Relationships

Our team members and clients are great people to work with and our relationships are based on mutual respect and collegiality. We really like each other and look forward to coming to work. And we joyfully celebrate each other's professional and personal milestones.  

We're Professional But Casual 

We enjoy a comfortable work environment and have a casual dress policy except for client meetings. Our office is dog-friendly and employees are welcome to bring their well-behaved canines to work from time to time. 

Greenough’s culture makes you feel that you’re more than just an employee; you’re also part of a work family. Whether we’re celebrating colleagues’ birthdays and anniversaries, supporting each other during boot camp classes or chatting during happy hour, the company goes above and beyond to promote our happiness and well-being.
— Rachel Robbins, Senior Vice President

We Work Hard and Play Hard

When it comes to work-life balance, Greenough doesn't just talk the talk, we really walk the walk. Twice a week we have optional company-sponsored "boot camp" sessions in the office with a certified fitness trainer. We close the office early on summer Fridays, and the rest of the year we have Friday afternoon Happy Hour with wine, beer, cider and gourmet snacks chosen by a rotation of volunteer employee coordinators. Every Friday there's a platter of assorted breakfast bagels for the team. Gourmet coffee, tea, fresh fruit and other snacks (including chocolate, of course!) are always on hand. 

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I like the collaboration and team environment at Greenough, and the opportunities to work and learn from everyone in the organization.
— Amy Legere, Account Director
My media and storytelling expertise is fully acknowledged and utilized here. More importantly, Greenough cares about the collective well-being of its workforce both in and out of the office.
— Account Supervisor