The former general manager at the second largest global public relations agency in the world. A former reporter and producer for The New England Patriots. Those are just a few of Greenough's brainy, savvy, talented, knowledgeable, driven, intellectually curious, expert and experienced communicators.

Our hand-picked, seasoned leadership team combines big agency experience with the high-touch client service of a boutique firm. We've launched a Fortune 500 brand globally. We've been building successful social media campaigns and implementing effective, innovative marketing strategies for years. Coming off a funding round and ready for a real communications strategy? We’ve got the expertise to tell your brand story in a compelling way that makes news and wins customers.

I’ve been on both sides of this business – client and agency – and without a doubt the most important task of any marketing leader is building the right team. At Greenough we take this seriously because it means the difference between simply answering the client’s call and having the client want to talk with you, every day.
— Phil Greenough, Founder and CEO