Our clients rely on many unique metrics, and we tailor each program accordingly. For earned media, some clients ask that we track impressions and others simply track number of articles (often by tier) compared to goal and/or a competitive set, which is typically done as a share of voice report. We use Vocus, Critical Mention and other services to collect quantitative results and we develop a system for qualitative measures as well (tone, sentiment, coverage quality, etc.).

Our clients receive monthly or quarterly “GMetrics” reports, and all clients receive an end of year or end of campaign report that details goals vs. actuals, a summary of metrics, a list of media clips, and campaign insights.

Greenough is a company of astute, professional, and strategic individuals, each of whom offers timely and consistently excellent work to client partners. Without a doubt, they are an invaluable B2B partner, and they have played an instrumental role in positioning our company as a thought leader in the healthcare industry.
— Jennifer Farmer, Sheridan Healthcare

Beyond metrics related to earned media performance, Greenough also measures the impact and reach of social and digital campaigns. For this, clients will often share login information to platforms such as Google Analytics, Facebook and LinkedIn and/or we’ll collaborate to extract information from platforms such as Adobe or Marketo to pull data needed to link investment to results (including CPC, CPM, cost per lead, etc.).

In addition to GMetrics reporting, Greenough also conducts an annual client satisfaction survey. Clients complete a multi-question survey and we tabulate and share results with clients individually. The survey enables us to benchmark performance for continuous improvement on each account and as an agency.