Here are just some of the many companies and organizations we've helped to achieve their business objectives through effective brand storytelling.

This is the most satisfying professional relationship I have. The work is solid, exciting, challenging, and the commitment from my team to our success is thrilling - I am equally committed to their success. I could not do this job without my Greenough team - they have made us all role models in the company.
— Patty McDermott, Thermo Fisher Scientific
There are not enough words to describe how I feel about my team at Greenough. Personal, thoughtful, intelligent, strategic. I could go on and on. Please pass along your hiring tips as whatever you are doing I need to know!
— Mary Anne Hailer, Arbella Insurance

Energy and Environment

Babson E3 (Entrepreneurial Energy Expo) (now Babson's Energy & Environmental Conference)
Conservation Services Group
DOE / General Motors EcoCAR
Harvest Power
Mass Save
NECEC (New England Clean Energy Council, now Northeast Clean Energy Council)
Northern Power Systems