Meet Greenough’s Account Executive Taanya Malhotra


My love affair with writing began at the age of six with an 8-line aabb rhyme-schemed poem about a shiny stone. Through the years, my journey took me from poetry writing to screenplay writing to writing for advertising, and, eventually, to PR. Somewhere along the way, I realized that the root of my passion lay not in just words, but in the story those words were telling. And what better place to give my passion for storytelling wings than Greenough Brand Storytellers?

With copywriting, social media and campaign strategy experience under my belt, I came to Greenough with – to break a fundamental rule of writing and use a cliché – a head full of ideas and a heart full of dreams. Greenough immediately gave both a voice, providing a platform for me to be the storyteller I have always wanted. From day one, I have felt confident that my ideas and creativity are being heard and that I am surrounded by the team and tools I need to excel in the world of PR.

In just six short months, I have found my groove and discovered my affinity for writing and pitching for our technology accounts. As I continue to forge relationships with clients and media alike, I’m excited to see where the coming years take me. I could not have asked for a set of coworkers more warm, supportive, genuinely invested in my personal and professional growth and, if I may say so, accepting of my idiosyncrasies. I look forward to seeing where this next phase of my career with Greenough takes me.